Caro Segreto Corfu

Cozy House Parga

Caro Segreto Corfu

Cozy House Parga

Boutique apartments in Corfu & Parga

A journey of emotions

For those who seek to create everlasting memories or to relive memories of old. Our apartments are rich in flavours, decorated with much care and taste. Book directly with us and benefit from the best prices on the web.

Unlock your dearest memories…

Boutique apartments in Corfu, holiday house in Parga

In our boutique apartments you will find all amenities combined with unprecedented style. Each apartment possesses a unique character and radiates its own strong personality.

Boutique apartment in Corfu Mio Amore

Mio Amore

Your romantic retreat

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Welcome to Mio Caro

Mio Caro

Your favourite resort

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Cozy House Parga featured

Cozy House

Relive your childhood memories

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Your cozy secrets in the Ionian Sea
3 apartments 3 wonderful trips in time

Caro Segreto, our unique boutique apartments, is located in the stunningly beautiful Old Town of Corfu. Discover breathtaking places, experience unique sentiments, leave your worries behind and just create memories worth remembering.

Create your best memories, in the Ionian Sea

Cozy House, a lovely and comfortable holiday house, is located at the historic centre of Parga. In a picturesque small town, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, moments away from wonderful shores, impressive sights and awesome beaches.